Usage Policies - Richard J Kyte Photography

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Use of The Photographs
All photographs are copyrighted as shown, and can only be legitimately obtained by either (a) purchase via one of my sales facilities (where applicable) or (b) contacting me via this site to request copies.  Any attempt to obtain copies of the photograph  files directly from either this site or the sales galleries will be treated as a  breach of copyright, and may result in legal action being taken.  The photograph files on this site are of reduced resolution and quality to limit the potential for misuse.

Items purchased from the sales galleries are sold  for personal use only and may not be copied, sold to any third parties, or used in any form of publication, website or any other form of electronic media  without my consent in writing.

Any enquiries about using or obtaining copies of  these photographs should be directed to me via the "Contact Me" link on the menu.  Enquiries are likely to be classified as follows:

Personal Use
Files, prints and other products using the photographs are not be copied, reproduced in any media, sold on, either as prints or other photographic merchandise, used to promote any commercial venture, or passed to any third parties without my consent in writing.  I will, however, tolerate use on a  personal social network site in this category providing  that no attempt to pass this work off as anyone else's but mine is made, and none  of the above conditions are breached.   

Promotional Use
Photographs may be used to promote an event or organisation in any material or media where no charge is made to customers or potential customers.   They may be used in advertising in third party publications (but not articles or features).   They may be passed to any third party involved in producing the promotional material, but not to any other third parties, and under no circumstances be exchanged for any payment.

Where practical, I would request that the photographs be accompanied by a credit to "Richard J. Kyte" ("R. J. Kyte" is acceptable if space is an issue) and if used on a website, a link back to this site would be greatly appreciated.  

This covers any use of photographs on merchandise sold to third parties or publication in any media not covered in the "Promotional Use" section.  Terms will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

As of June 2016, the distribution of "Event" photographs will be decided on a case-by-case basis.   

Heritage Railways/Locomotives
I am prepared to release photographs taken on heritage railways or of heritage locomotives free-of-charge to either the railway involved or the owners of the locomotive with promotional use rights (this includes any narrow gauge railway photographs).   Please contact me using  one of the "Contact" links, specifying which photograph(s) you are interested in.

Heritage Properties
I am prepared to negotiate for the use of my heritage properties work subject to being contacted by official representatives of the property in question.

Copyright Transfers
It is my intention that, unless working to a prior agreement, all photographs taken by me remain copyrighted to me at all times, and that the final say on what happens with the photographs is mine.  I will only consider surrendering the copyright of any material on this site if I am offered a significant amount of money (and possibly not even then), and copyright to any of the "Jerry the Chinchilla" photographs is not for sale at any price.
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