P55298 - Retaining Arch, Trafalgar Colliery, Forest of Dean - Railway Architecture

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Retaining Arch, Trafalgar Colliery, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
Retaining Arch at the site of Trafalgar colliery, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire
Date: 23rd October, 2011
Photograph Reference: P55298
Camera: Sony A550
ISO: 800
Exposure Time: 1/40sec
Aperture: F5.6
Focal Length: 30mm
Modifications: RAW Modified
The arch and wall here were used to prevent a slippage of the Trafalgar Colliery spoil heap onto the line, and the arch was intended to be used as a bridge to allow further spoil to to be carried onto the other side (right) of the track.   Whether it was ever used for this purpose is not certain.
I had hoped to photograph the site of Serridge Junction, but I failed to recognise the location as it is now overgrown (I have a feeling I would need a GPS system to aid in locating it).  
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