P57443 - GWR Castle Class no. 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe, Evesham - Trains in the Landscape

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GWR Castle Class no. 5043 Earl of Mount Edgcumbe heads away from Evesham with the Cotswold Explorer Railtour
GWR "Castle" Class no. 5043 "Earl of Mount Edgcumbe" heads away from Evesham with the "Cotswold Explorer" Railtour
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Date : 20th October, 2012
Photograph Reference : 57443
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 800
Exposure Time : 1/400sec
Aperture : F5.6
Focal Length : 140mm
Modifications : RAW modified
This was the first steam railtour through I'd photographed in some years,  and the first I'd managed to do since the redoubling work in 2011.  Having  come to the conclusion that the footbridge at Offenham (See later in the  collection) was no longer really suited to photographing trains heading west, I  decided to try a location to the west of the town, on a bridleway between  Hampton and Charlton.  For this exercise I deployed a tripod (bear in mind I'd  carried this two or three miles from my home).

The result was not as good as I'd hoped for.  The lighting is great (the  train went through as the sun was setting), but the background clutter spoils  what might have been one of my greatest ever photographs.  In my defence, this  was not the shot I'd originally conceived; I had started out with the camera  pointed more to the left of this shot, but shortly before the train was  scheduled to arrive, a pickup van parked up in front of the line right in the centre of my shot, and I ended up recomposing further to the right.  Unfortunately this brought the marina (and associated clutter) in the background more into prominence, and I then had an issue with a motorcycle in front of the train, but I was able to remove this.

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