P69640 - GWR Hall class no. 4965 Rood Ashton Hall, Evesham - Trains in the Landscape

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GWR Hall class no. 4965 Rood Ashton Hall passes through Evesham with the up Oxfordshire Explorer tour
GWR "Hall" class no. 4965 "Rood Ashton Hall" passes through Evesham with the up "Oxfordshire Explorer" tour
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Date : 21st November 2015
Photograph Reference P69640
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 800
Exposure Time : 1/1000sec
Aperture : F5.6
Focal Length : 35mm
Modifications : RAW modified
I nearly missed this one!  I suddenly remembered about 10 minutes before it came through that there was a steam tour scheduled for the day on the Cotswold line, hence my choice of photographing it at the station (although the weather that morning probably would have resulted in me using the station anyway, rather than one of my other locations).  Fortunately, the camera was on "stand-by", having been prepared for a session earlier in the month that hadn't  gone ahead due to bad weather.  

Despite the last-minute nature of the plan and that due to vegetation, I ended up choosing a more head-on view than I would have preferred, I think this is my best "steam tour" photograph of 2015.
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