P69707 - Evesham - Trains in the Landscape

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LNER A1 class no. 60163 Tornado passes through Evesham with the Red Rose Steam Tour
LNER A1 class no. 60163 "Tornado" passes through Evesham with the "Red Rose" Steam Tour
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Date : 14th February, 2016
Photograph Reference 69707
Camera : Sony A550
ISO : 400
Exposure Time : 1/1600sec
Aperture : F6.3
Focal Length : 35mm
Modifications : RAW modified
The first steam tour through Evesham in 2016 wasn't originally supposed to  be the first one, and wasn't originally supposed to have come through Evesham!    A planned tour passing through the previous day was cancelled (probably just as  well from a photography point of view as the weather wasn't so good), and this  tour was originally supposed to have routed via the Great Western main line to  Bath and then via Sapperton Bank, but concerns over loadings on the latter  prompted a route change over the Cotswold Line instead.   

I chose this location as probably the most convenient one for the lighting  conditions (sunny with some cloud).  Had the tour been scheduled for the  previous Sunday, this would not have been an option as the River Avon had  flooded that weekend, and this location would have been under water.   As it  was, the ground was still somewhat saturated, and access to this location (the  bridge west of the station) was somewhat muddy.   
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